Hello, thanks for stopping by.

If you're wondering why you're here, I'm hoping it's curiosity about The Foster Effect and perhaps the fellow responsible for its creation. If so, you've landed on the right page.

I am neither famous nor infamous. I’m just a guy next door who’s found some time and am trying to transform it into something worthwhile. My current efforts aren’t my first. Neither, will they be my best. I have engaged in this endeavor with a seriousness instilled in me early on by parents and other care givers and hardened by the distance from there to here. Utilizing that asset, I am pleased to say I’m doing the best work I can now do, and am confident my product will improve each time I write.

My history is seriously unspectacular but it is the highway that brings me here, for that I am grateful. What follows seems relevant. I’m a graduate of The University of Texas, where I earned a BA in history and government. My best academic experience was law school. Building on that success, and the assistance of a professor, I won a stipend to do post-graduate work at Osgoode Hall Law School, in Toronto. Eight and one-half years of higher education led to a law practice lasting nearly forty years. When I grew weary of story repairing, I retired. Went back to school with the goal of learning something of the art of storytelling.

My practice was a mixed experience, with the best part being international travel. Sojourns on five continents enriched my life and play a significant role in my storytelling.

The current project is the first of its scope and will constitute my first effort at getting published. It will not be my last. I am working on a memoir detailing my war-time experiences in Iraq. In the pipeline there is a coming of age novel, a children's book, and a "how come" book.

I live year round in Austin, Texas with my wife Leroyce, an adopted kitten and a timid outdoor cat we are privileged to care for. We are the very proud parents of three children, and the consummate grand/great-grandparents to three wonderful granddaughters, and four adorable great-granddaughters.  

In my spare time I enjoy the treasure trove that is Austin; good music, good art, great festivals, and water sports. Austin is not just home to UT. It is the live music capitol of the world. It’s becoming quite the foodie town, is proximate to good vineyards and surprising natural beauty. In what time is left, I enjoy good movies, good books, good golf, and good football.

Thanks for stopping by. The site will change regularly, hopefully to improve with the more I live, learn, and write. I look forward to your return.

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