The purpose of this page is likely self-evident. If not, worry not. I am attempting to keep those of you who might be interested in the process of my "retirement career" informed about my progress. Thank you for the valuable gift of your time. I will do all I can not to waste it.

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Short Story - "Life After Death"

This is a 6000 word short story that examines a widow’s response to her husband’s death. (You can find their website Here.)










Writing Complete On Novella

Stories That Need to be Told
"Snapshots of a Sabbatical"

Time Away to Work on Novella

WOW Flash Fiction Results

WOW Flash Fiction Contest

New Work Posted
A Paris Visit

New Work Posted
An Obituary


It's taken longer to complete the novella than I’d expected. Alas, “The best laid plans . . .” and all that. Anyway, I am pleased to announce that the manuscript’s writing, editing is complete. Too, I’m looking for a platform on which to make it available to the public. This is the first work I will endeavor to self-publish. I know very little about this process, so I have and will continue to work on that part of this project until I can figure it out. I’m contemplating experimenting on TikTok and other social media platforms. Too, I’ve decided not to post the manuscript on, as most contests disallow work that has previously appeared on-line.

I'm trying another contest. This one is sponsored by TulipTree Publishing "Stories That Need to be Told - 2023" for unpublished writers from around the world. (You can find their website Here.)

I've not posted lately because I'm working on a novella. It will be finished soon. If you been monitoring this page, and wondering how I define soon I deserve your contempt. The novella project has taken longer than anticipated. It is nearing a milestone. I will report more as I have it. Thanks for your patience.

My entry in the WOW Flash Fiction contest was not chosen as suitable for acknowledgement. Alas, I keep writing.

I entered the 2022 Spring Flash Fiction Contest conducted by the Women on Writing organization. (You can find their website Here.) As with most of my work it is also posted on You can read it Here.

A Paris Visit Is a short story based on an experience of a law school classmate when she first visited Paris, France. Read it Here. Hope you enjoy.

An Obituary was written in the aftermath of the unspeakable events at a grade school in Uvalde, Tx. Read it Here


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