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This story chronicles the intersection of the lives of Laura and Winston Markham with Denton Foster.

Laura is an Ivy League-educated woman who has suffered abusive relationships her entire life. A violent mother, a pedophile father set the stage for a life-long struggle to find normalcy. Her role as Winston's wife has consisted mostly of caretaker. First, through his alcoholism, then philandering, and now, what she thinks to be his emotional unavailability. She sees Winston’s latest demands as the best chance in a decade as grounds for divorce accompanied by a huge property settlement.

Winston is a powerful, willful man who uses anything at his disposal, starting with his wife extending to an unsolved murder, to get what he desires. What he wants most is to satisfy an overpowering masochistic urge. To that end, he has eased their marriage into a place where he can manipulate Laura to accept one minor alteration and transform their “near-perfect marriage into pure perfection.” That change is to enlist a sexual surrogate to provide Laura with the physical intimacy he seems incapable of providing.

Emotionally crippled since the death of his wife, Denton abandoned a promising legal career and shielded himself from pain by working as a gigolo. Pestered by friends who think he needs a meaningful relationship, Denton places an ad in the local paper’s “Men Seeking Women” classifieds. When Laura answers, Denton decides to partner with the Markhams. That decision may be the worst of his life.

Add a morally ambiguous cop, stir for several minutes and The Foster Effect is an unpredictable joyride.

Read the First Ten Pages

Winston's influence and "scorch the earth" approach results in Denton's entanglement in the legal system defending against a murder charge. With the power to plant evidence and encourage the arrest of Denton for murder, Winston's payback is both effective and unexpected. Denton turns to his only three friends, old law school buddies, to try to save his reputation and potentially his life.

Sue Doran, a brilliant defense lawyer, is Denton’s long-time friend and best shot at vindication. Success will require all her skills, a little luck, and some other shenanigans. Along with another of Denton’s law school buddies, Steven Boarder, the team gambles on an unusual legal tactic to try to avert a full-blown murder trial and the ruination of his life.

As a last hope, Sue turns to Laura to help their faltering case. Her participation in Denton's defense is not without risk. Laura struggles with the risk/reward calculation. The risk; misjudging Winston's willingness to protect his reputation, hence his retaliation. The reward; standing up to his abuse and cruelty, hence a huge property settlement with a quiet divorce. In the end, it is the simple image of life through the lens of her 15-year-old daughter that provides Laura the strength to reach beyond what her life has become and demand what she deserves.

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The case against Denton Foster has fallen apart, but the murders don’t stop. The Foster Solution offers a new look into the steamy sexual life of Laura Markham and Denton Foster and takes the reader on a roller coaster ride to the truth. Laura's time with Denton allows—demands even—she throws caution to the wind and a woman once debilitated by low self-esteem blossoms into a woman fully in charge of her own life, future, and desires.

Amanda Phillips, a wealthy fourth generation Texan, has more time and money than she knows what to do with. It was Amanda that encouraged Laura to seek revenge against Winston and take charge of her life. Too, she is the wife of Austin’s Homicide Captain with a proclivity to seek comfort from beautiful women. Laura is her type and when she expresses an interest in Amanda the two strike up what they think is a clandestine affair.

It is not. The cost of their indiscretion is considerable. The only person with sufficient interest in the lives of these two women to demand recompense for that cost is Denton Foster. It is the rebirth of his long-dormant, but considerable skill as a lawyer and the help of his friends that not only solves the Austin murders of beautiful women but sees justice done.

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