The Foster Effect is the first novel by Austin attorney, turned writer, Bruce Farrow-Smith. A 1995 outline forming the story's endoskeleton, became entombed by life and lawyering then abandoned, bare and discontented. The first, very rough draft eked into being a full twenty years after, and barely a month past his first day in retirement.

   "Laura and Denton were less than twenty minutes removed from being complete strangers, yet she felt a sense of something missing from all her planning, preparation, and trepidation. This had all been an untested hypothesis, a game of make-believe, like the outline of a story she might have written for creative writing class at Wellesley. She had only imagined, never allowed herself to believe, meeting someone who . . . Suddenly, she felt flush with excitement. Thoughts collided. Perhaps this can work! This guy is someone Winston might even like. And if he does, I’ll somehow make all the rest work."

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   "This was not the first stumble of their seventeen years. Not the first time Laura had faked sleep to avoid his morning routine. Neither was it the first time Winston had no desire to pamper, cajole, apologize for her wounded feelings. Time was his best ally. He’d found no other tactic even a close second. Winston Markham could be patient if circumstances demanded. Besides, where was she going?
   There was not a single square foot of the home’s seventy-five hundred that went untouched by her creativity; the Santa Fe inspired furnishings artfully positioned atop travertine tile, reclaimed hundred-year-old long-leaf pine floor planks . . . "

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