I will, from time to time, post original poetry. As you might notice, some of these poems have lived a good while. They've never been published and I thought it was time they be seen some place other than space on my hard drive. As time and brain power permits, I will endeavor to create and post something new. As with all that appears on this site, should you care to comment or criticize these postings I welcome your thoughts. Thanks to you all for indulging my observations.

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Wandering Thoughts


n There are times when my t s w a d ho t e u g h r Away from daily chores. Imagining my life anew To seek out new rewards, It's this I sometimes ponder. There are times when my t w d ho t s a n u h e r g When thoughts of you grow fonder. You've a beauty uncommon - an artist’s brush Portrays, and perfection found only in The sculptor's molding clay. With a sense of the moment, A poet’s verse conveys, And the music that is you g A guitar is made to play. u h ho t w a n There are times when my t s d T'where bravest moments dare, e r And in that place, find discord's grace, A purest love we share.

 © 2022 e r


There are, in the moments of anticipation,
A palpable energy.
Be subsumed therein and become
Proximate to ALL THAT IS.
Embrace those moments, that power,
And realize possibility’s endlessness.

 © 2022

Glorious Discontent

God it’s hot, but when it’s not
We complain about the rain,
The snow, cold winds that blow.
Satisfaction runs so far
Away from today.
Little wonder it’s been said we’ll
Not be satisfied ‘til dead.
But if invention's mother is necessity,
Its father must surely be
Glorious discontent.

 © 1985

Falling In Love

When I think, of you I think.
When I talk, of you I speak.
When I sing, of you I sing.
When I sleep, of you I dream.

 © 1985


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