It's been just a few days since the events in Uvalde, Texas. I am heart sick by what occurred there and offer this as a modicum of support for those lost to the bullets and those lost that remain to somehow survive after the bullets. Thank all of you for indulging my observations.

An Obituary

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May 28, 2022

The date of her birth is unclear. It is possible, no one knows. At a minimum, no one present then is still alive. We’ve celebrated her as one that enriches every life imbued with her presence. Too, that without her presence, a large part of virtue will have gone missing.

She struggled always from a cancer-like affliction. This malady caused her to be excised from our lives in bits and pieces for as long as anyone can remember. Writers, scholars, poets, and philosophers have, in some part, dedicated their thoughts, words, ideas, and love to her. With no influence on the hardened among us to appreciate her value in their lives, their communities.

She could be found easiest in the persons living in her presence. Her value obvious in their eyes, laughter, the simple joy of being protected by her.

It was not uncommon for her to abandon, without notice, those she protected. Those who scorned her have been heard to say “such is life.” Too, they relish in their disdain for those injured in the wake of her leaving. With each departure, each unexpected absence, the scars that remained deepened, the pain became unbearable, the damage more difficult to repair.

She moved about throughout her time on earth, and wherever she resurfaced, even after the grief that spilled into her absence, her return always welcomed, treasured, revered.

In lieu of flowers, do what you can to make her sacrifice meaningful.

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In death, all who knew her and significantly, those who refused her sanctuary, survive her. Interment will be in Columbine, CO., Red Lake, MN., Blacksburg, VA., Newtown, CT., Roseburg, OR., Parkland, FL., Santa Fe, TX., and Uvalde, TX., and hundreds of other sites across these United States too many to list here.

At her wake, an international journalist noted we alone care not about her wellbeing. He asked a U.S. Senator if her savage slaughter was exemplary of US exceptionalism. The Texas Senator’s first response was to regurgitate bullet points from some policy paper. After which, he said, “Everything dies. Should there be an exception for her?”

INNOCENCE is survived, and will be missed, by those who believe a weapon that dispenses more bullets in a second—three, or one hundred-eighty per minute—is anathema to a civilized society. Who believe that such weapons have no use save the killing of helpless teachers and children cowering in blood and horror in classrooms across America. Who weep in despair that a republic is more interested in protecting gun manufactures than American's future.


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