The Foster Effect

Book One in The Foster Trilogy by Bruce Farrow-Smith

The Foster Effect, set in 1995's Austin, Texas chronicles the intersection of three people so indifferent to the lives of others, that deceit and betrayal are as routine as their morning coffee.

Laura Markham, an Ivy-League educated, abused homemaker, so desperate for emancipation, emotional intimacy, and the marital estate, that even behavior most consider unthinkable becomes her routine.

Winston Markham a wealthy, powerful, willful man who uses anything at his disposal, including an unsolved murder, to get what he wants. What he wants most is to satisfy an overpowering sexual desire.

Denton Foster emotionally crippled since the death of his wife has abandoned a promising legal career and shields himself from further emotional pain by working as a gigolo.

These three come together when Winston persuades Laura their "near-perfect" marriage will be "perfect" when she finds someone to function as his sexual surrogate.

The couple settles on Foster.

The Foster Effect Visualized

Be not just a reader. Take the next minute and fourteen seconds, imagine the possibility of The Foster Effect on the big screen. Glimpse into the future of both the Trilogy and what might be three trips to the theater.

Book Two is nearly finished and Book Three will follow soon thereafter.

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